What’s on your healthy plate?

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We are parents now and among the tones of responsibilities that have fallen on us, we have earned the essential task of feeding our little ones.
EASY! just give them a balanced diet with at least 5 portion of fruits and veg’ a day and your kids will “spread and blossom” into nice and healthy little people. There are lots of guidelines available… Ok, there might be one or two problems though…
– Is your definition of healthy the same as mine?
– When do you find time to cook all these nice and fresh foods from scratch?
– Is healthier more expensive?
and last but not least…
– How can I get my kids to eat all that healthiness?

We don’t have all the answers here at Sweet Peas but we think that what works for others might be worth giving a go and that what works for us might be worth sharing!

So please have a look & feel free to inspire and be inspired.

Here are some further TIPS on healthy eating:

NHS’s Healthy Start Programme 

Get you kids to Eat their greens!

Eat seasonal fruit and veg

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